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    제품용도 지진계(Weak Motion Broadband Seismometer)
    제조사 Guralp Systems
    • - High performance, low noise, broadband seismometers with analog output and 360 s - 50 Hz response

      - Observatory grade weak motion broadband seismometer
      - Force feedback broadband instrument
      - Lifting handle and all connectors on the top of the instrument
      - Waterproof and durable with O-ring seals throughout
      - Quick and easy singlehanded installation


Guralp Systems

모델명 : 3T-360

제품용도 : 지진계(weak motion)



•Configuration / Topology: Triaxial orthogonal (ZNE)
•Feedback: Force feedback



•Response: 360 s - 50 Hz(option 120 s - 100Hz)

•Output sensitivity / Clip Level: 2 x 750 V/ms-1 (1500 V/ms-1, other options available)
•Peak / Full scale output: Three channels - ±20 V (40 V peak-to-peak) differential
•Cross axis rejection: >65 dB 
•Linearity: >107 dB horizontal, >111 dB vertical 
•Lowest spurious resonance: >140 Hz (vertical)
•Self-noise: crosses NLNM at 200 s and remains below the high frequency limit of the NLNM at 10 Hz
•Dynamic range: 167 dB at 1 Hz (Full octave width across 1 Hz)



•Type: Pulse, sine wave and broadband
•Calibration controls: Independent signal & enable lines exposed on sensor connector


•Locking: Remote or automatic mass locking, unlocking and centring
•Mass recentring range: +/-2.5° from horizontal



•Mass control / locking: Lock, unlock, centre



•power voltage range : 10-36VDC

•power consumption : 0.75W



•Operating temperature: -20 to 75°C

•Operating humidity: 0 to 100%

•Enclosure ingress protection(standard): IP68

•Enclosure ingress protection(posthole): for deeper, long term immersion, the optional 100bar/10Mp waterproof connector is recommended

•Weight(standard): 15kg

•Weight(posthole): 15.15kg 


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